WhatsApp Push: how to increase customer interaction ratios

Mailing, cold door, telemarketing, newsletters… Users are bombarded with information and every day it is more difficult to capture the attention of your own customers. That is why it is so important to have new communication tools with customers as effective as push messages.

What are push messages

Push messages have their origin in emails, and it is that back in 2001 BlackBerry wanted emails to appear on the screens of their mobile phones without the user having to open the mail application.

As you may have already deduced, push notifications or messaging is the technology with which short messages are sent to app users and with which the user receives the notification even when they are not using that application.

As you surely know, this is part of the day-to-day life of mobile applications. Every time we receive a message on the mobile, for example, a pop-up notification pops up on our phone screen. Check out more interesting topic on our site.

What are the advantages of push messages

The main advantage of push messaging is that it is not necessary for the user to be using any application to view our message. In this way, push messages encourage user interaction and improve loyalty and ” engagement ” compared to other classic methods of approaching customers such as mailing.

Knowing that your customer will almost certainly see your message, it is up to you to create content that is interesting and engaging enough. But… Is there a way to further increase customer interaction ratios?

How to increase customer interaction rates with WhatsApp Push campaigns

That our client visualizes our message is already a step in the right direction, but if we also send it to him from his favorite communication channel, we will further improve the possibilities of interaction .

Surely WhatsApp is today the most used instant messaging channel by your customers. Therefore, combining push technology with WhatsApp is a winning combination.

push message campaign on WhatsApp will allow you to send massive messages to your customers, but you can also schedule messages individually and automatically.

Being able to configure a chatbot that follows conversations with your customers on WhatsApp and knowing the effectiveness of your campaign in real time are other advantages of combining push messaging with WhatsApp.


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