Meaning of The Name Alexander Origin, Popularity & Numerology

Are you looking for male name ideas for your future son? Alejandro, without a doubt, is one of the most used boy’s names in Spanish-speaking places, just as in other places the name is widely used in other languages.

Keep reading for Babies and discover the meaning of the name Alejandro , as well as its origin, diminutives, translations, popularity, celebrities who are called that, their saints and much more. Alexander is a boy’s name .

What does Alexander mean?

The meaning of the boy’s name Alejandro is “the one who protects man” , “the one who rejects or defeats his enemies”, “the man who protects us”, “the protective man”, “the main protector” and “the great protector”. savior” .

Origin of the name Alexander

The name Alexander is of Greek origin . Therefore, the main meaning described above is focused on the time of Ancient Greece. Interestingly, Alexander is the nickname of Paris, the one who kidnapped Helena by persuading her and caused the Trojan War. Check out more at our blog.

Specifically, the formation of this name is given by two Greek terms: alexein , which is related to defense or protection, and andros , which refers to man; giving rise to Alexander.

Diminutives and variations of the name Alejandro

Among the most used diminutives of Alejandro we find:

  • Alex
  • But
  • Jandro

There are no variants of this boy’s name in Spanish, but the name itself in other languages.

The name Alexander in other languages

Alexander ‘s name in other languages ​​is found in:

  • Italian: Alessandro.
  • German and English: Alexander.
  • Abbreviated English: Sandy, Alec, Alick,
  • Russian hypocoristic: Sasha.

Personality of the name Alexander

As the meaning of the name Alejandro indicates, these men are considered very protective, empathetic and seek justice . Another feature of Alejandro’s personality is that they are considered very faithful people in a variety of fields, very hard-working, constant and strong-minded.

They are also considered generous and very sociable , as well as great speakers. For all these reasons, they usually like to be part of groups, both in study and work as well as in leisure, and expose their ideas openly and be leaders .

Celebrities named Alexander

  • Alexander the Great: Alexander III of Macedon, also known as Alexander the Great or the Great, was the King of Macedonia, Hegemon of Greece, Pharaoh of Egypt, and also Great King of Media and Persia.
  • Alejandro Sanz: famous Spanish singer. You can see it in the photo below.
  • Alejandro Manuel Fernández Abarca: Mexican singer of ranchera music.

Saint Alexander’s Day

The Saint of Alexander is celebrated on January 11 .

Numerology of the name Alexander

Observing what numerology indicates, the number 8 is the most indicated for Alexander.

Popularity of the first name Alexander

According to the INE (National Institute of Statistics), the name of Alejandro in Spain is very popular. According to the latest known data, there are 259,146 men named Alejandro and their average age is 25.5 years .


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