When getting rid of the clothes that your children used as babies

Little by little I am getting used to the idea that there will be no more babies at home . I have managed to fulfill my dream of being the mother of a large family, and although if I had been able I would not have hesitated to have another baby a long time ago, I feel that now we have entered a new stage of life that we face with great enthusiasm.

However, I would be lying if I said that it doesn’t hurt to get rid of the material things that have filled our home for years, such as cribs, strollers, hammocks or high chairs. But there is something that, above all, shrinks my heart in an irremediable pinch of nostalgia: the clothes of my children when they were babies .

What to do with the baby things that you are no longer going to use?

After the baby stage, there are many parents who consider selling all the childcare objects they have at home . Most of them are bulky objects that take up a lot of space in the home and are difficult to “recycle” , so second-hand sales are the fastest, most convenient and easiest option.

When I was clear that there would be no more babies at home, I also opted for this option. And although I would have liked to be able to save everything until my siblings or a close friend have babies, the truth is that with three children I have accumulated so much junk that it is difficult for me to find a place for everything.

But I must admit that on more than one occasion it has been difficult for me to hold back my tears when it comes to selling. And it is that during the buying-selling process it is inevitable to remember images of your baby calmly rocking his hammock, sleeping in his crib or strolling happily in that cart that you bought with great enthusiasm months before giving birth . Check out more at our site.

But clothes have a different sentimental value

But despite the fact that, with more or less nostalgia, I have been getting rid of all the childcare objects that invaded my house for years, I confess that I have been unable to do the same with her clothes.

Perhaps for many they are nothing more than useless clothes stored in a plastic box, but every time I open it the memories begin to crowd, and the smell of mothballs mixes with the “baby scent” that I can still smell in my mind… because that smell is never forgotten.

I have dozens and dozens of boxes of baby clothes, and all the clothes I keep have great value for me :

  • their first sets,
  • those yarn sweaters that my grandmother knitted for them with so much love,
  • those tiny onesies with their fronts discolored by the drool from their first teeth,
  • the first little summer dresses that I excitedly bought for my little girl,
  • my son’s favorite pants, worn from so much use,
  • the funny cap we bought for my baby at a summer market,
  • her first shoes
  • That shirt that my little one wore on his second birthday,

I have friends who tell me that clothes are nothing more than something material that takes up unnecessary space in the closets , and they have not hesitated to donate or sell them. Others have recommended that I give it another life, making larger garments with it, blankets , cushions, stuffed animals , or even framing my favorite garments in an emotional work of art .

But when I see the tiny little clothes that one day the small bodies of my three children wore, such an indescribable nostalgia invades me that the only thing I want to do is close my eyes and hold the garment in my hands , letting myself be carried away by the multitude of memories. , images and sensations that make me relive…

Are you also one of the nostalgic ones who keep your children’s baby clothes? And if so, up to what clothing size or age of laying does that “pinch” in your heart last?


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