Al Ghubaiba Metro Station Dubai

Your Guide to Al Ghubaiba Metro Station in Dubai

Al Ghubaiba Metro Station is a landmark public transport hub located on the Red Line of Dubai’s metro network. Part of the routeextension into the old Dubai historic district, the station lies close to classic attractions like the souks, abra boat stations and spice markets.

This guide takes you through everything notable about Al Ghubaiba Metro Station to inform your upcoming transit trip. Know more about Dubai metro map.

Background and History

Some interesting history about Al Ghubaiba Station:

  • Opened in 2014 as part of metro expansion into old Dubai
  • Strategically built near traditional Dubai Creek crossing points
  • Provides easy access to areas with rich cultural heritage
  • Named after the Ghubaiba neighborhood along historic Dubai Creek
  • Features a 230 metre long elevated platform
  • Adjoins bus station transporting passengers from other Emirates

The station was purposely designed to blend Dubai’s history and advanced infrastructure.

Unique Station Characteristics

As a Red Line station, Al Ghubaiba has some distinct traits:

  • Traditional Arabic architectural motifs fused with modern metro design
  • Panoramic views of Dubai’s age-old trading district
  • Peak crowd capacity of 13,500 riders per hour
  • Covered taxi parking bay right outside main station exit
  • Tactile guidance paths installed aiding navigation for visually impaired passengers
  • Baby stroller parking areas marked inside for parents/guardians

The cultural touches showcase Dubai’s rich past while meeting future transit needs.

Amenities and Facilities

Al Ghubaiba provides convenient facilities catering specifically to tourist crowds:

  • Tourist information kiosks
  • Currency exchange counters
  • Souvenir shops selling handicrafts and memorabilia
  • Snack bars offering traditional Emirati food & drinks
  • Free high-speed WiFi network throughout concourses
  • Mobile phone charging stations

The range of tourism-centric amenities help visiting riders make the most of metro sightseeing trips.

Nearby Attractions

Key cultural and heritage landmarks within walking distance of Al Ghubaiba metro include:

  • Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood
  • Dubai Museum
  • Dubai Creek
  • Spice Souk
  • Abra Boat Station
  • Gold Souk

The station grants tourists direct transit access into the heart of Historic Old Dubai.

Using Al Ghubaiba Metro Station

To help navigate Al Ghubaiba metro station:

  • Four entry/exit gates serve the elevated station building
  • Simply tap your NOL card on readers before gates to pass through
  • Spot clear UAE-standard station signage in Arabic and English
  • Continue left/right from gates to access side platforms
  • Catch trains arriving in under 4 minute intervals during peak times

As a busy tourist station, expect some bustling foot traffic around during your trip!

Future Expansion Plans

Future transport links under proposal for Al Ghubaiba metro include:

  • Water taxi service to nearby Deira, Bur Dubai and Karama
  • Extended bus services covering more Dubai settlements
  • Integration with upcoming Dubai Tram network expansion


Historically linking old and new Dubai, Al Ghubaiba Station today represents a contemporary transit gateway into traditional trade and culture. With Dubai Creek’s bustling charm nearby and high-capacity metro line integration, the distinct station crytallizes both the Emirate’s heritage and modernity for millions of yearly riders!


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