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2,000 new jobs in the next five years: these are the ambitious

2,000 new jobs in the next five years: these are the ambitious

Meta has announced that it plans to expand its operations in Spain: over the next five years, Facebook’s parent company will make a significant investment in both staff and infrastructure in the country, and among Meta’s plans for Spain is the opening of the first Meta Lab of the world.

Meta’s plans for Spain include the creation of the metaverse

Javier Olivan, Meta’s vice president of expansion and infrastructure, assured in his statement that Spain is at the center of the company’s future: “As our company prepares to help build the metaverse, we place Spain at the center of our plans by creating new highly-skilled jobs , supporting local technology entrepreneurs and companies, and investing in essential digital infrastructure,” said the manager.

Meta’s plans for Spain include hiring up to 2,000 people over the next five years, so it also plans to double its office space in Madrid.

The plan includes the creation of the world’s first Meta Lab , which according to the company will be “a place of support for Meta remote workers in Spain” , which will include a space for local entrepreneurs and startups.

In addition to promoting the metaverse, one more of Meta’s plans includes collaboration with Telefónica, in order to establish a “Metaverse Innovation Hub” in Madrid , which will focus on accelerating the preparation of the network and devices towards the universe of metaverse. In addition, Meta plans to start the process to build a new Data Center in Castilla-La Mancha. Check out more interesting topic on our site.

One more of the plans of the technological giant in the country will be the creation of a new connectivity infrastructure: the first transatlantic submarine cable of half a petabit in the world, and the 2Africa cable that will reach Spain, joining the Marea cable currently present.

Spain, a key market for Meta

The investment and plans of Meta for Spain are not random. According to Olivan, Spain is at the forefront of European technology. It has two strong technological centers with advantages for the country: Barcelona and Madrid, which are at the core of the technological landscape and attract local and international entrepreneurs, talent and investors, as well as other more recent centers in Valencia and Andalusia. « In Spain, record levels of investment are being registered in startups that solve all kinds of problems, from online food delivery to neuro electronics », and recalls that in addition to English, Spanish was the first language available on Facebook since 2007 , so they have a long history of interest in the country.

“We are working with other partners to help build the metaverse: a new phase of the internet built around interconnected virtual experiences,”  and while he assures that the metaverse will not belong to any company, it has the potential to help unlock access to new creative, social and economic opportunities « and we want the Spanish to help us shape it from the beginning».

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