Japanese car brands, do you know them?

Japanese cars have been on the best-seller lists around the world for decades. In Spain Toyota and Nissan often lead the Japanese sales rankings, find out what advantages and what brands you have at your disposal.

Looking for a car? There are 5 Japanese car brands that you are going to have to assess , especially if you buy the car in Spain. Find out what each of them will offer you and why Japanese cars continue to win fans both in the domestic and international markets. When you have chosen yours, remember to protect it with a car policy that responds only to your needs and your preferences. Know more about acura.

The 5 Japanese car brands


You are not the only one who thinks of a Toyota when he thinks of a Japanese car. For years, the cars of this Japanese manufacturer have been the best sellers in the world. The fame and popularity of the Toyota is its best letter of introduction. They have been made with such positive adjectives in the motor sector as maximum reliability, durability, innovation and safety. It also leads in ecology and has become the constructor that projects the least CO2 emissions to the planet.


If you drive a high budget and opt for higher-end cars, Lexus has shown that the Japanese also know about premium and luxury details. Lexus is the acronym for  Luxury EXport United States as the Japanese brand was created by Toyota in 1991 to initially compete in the United States. Today the brand is more than established in this sector and competes in the market with the large and traditional European brands such as Mercedes or Audi. In Japan it is the sole leader in its sector.


Honda not only manufactures Civic , and yet, it must be recognized that it is its flagship model. Since the brand launched it in 1972, the model has lasted until today with nine generations and being one of the best-selling cars in history. Those looking for sporty driving and style will always value a Honda Civic as a Japanese proposition.


Mazdas are not very popular cars in Spain, however, they have their fans who find their strong points in the power and sporty design of their most famous models. Mazda’s sales in Spain are not exorbitant, but at a global level the brand does maintain an upward path that allows it to continue launching new and innovative models within its sector.


Few doubt that the first generation of Nissan Qashqai was to blame for SUVs being the most popular and best-selling cars today . The oldest in the segment continues to be the best alternative for many drivers who value its balance and its maintained value for money. Despite the fierce competition that still reigns in the C-SUV category, Nissan maintains the best sales figures.

Why buy a Japanese car?

Best value for money

There is no doubt that one of the most important premises when buying a car is the price. Having a more or less high budget determines what your alternatives are and sets many other priorities. In this field, the Japanese also have good numbers and are famous for offering cars with very good quality/price ratios and equipment in the different sectors and ranges.

Security and reliability

Reliability is the strong point of all Japanese vehicles and if you like to get carried away by surveys and rankings, precisely the Japanese brands always dominate all the tests where the reliability of a car is measured.

Technology and innovation

The Japanese have never cared about breaking schemes and that has meant going ahead in technology and innovation . What was not possible was not a barrier for Japanese brands, but a challenge for their innovation and development teams that have always sought to respond to the needs of a sector that stepped on the accelerator years ago.


Experience is a degree in the case of hybrid and/or electric Japanese cars. As usual, the Japanese opted for new forms of propulsion, when others still only thought they were science fiction. This allows Japanese manufacturers with Toyota in the lead to be a reference in ecological vehicles that care for the environment. They present the best references in terms of power and efficiency in their models from different sectors.


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