Top 7 TV Brands You Should Know Before Buying

There are well-known brands of TV, but that does not necessarily mean that they are good, since the performance of a television changes with each model. And with so many options, it’s hard to choose. If you are thinking of changing your television and you have no idea which are the best TV brands , in this post we analyze the main ones.Know more about games to play on new year’s eve.

The choice of a TV according to its brand will vary according to your needs. A cheap TV, but one that is Smart? You should look at Hisense or TCL for a high-end OLED? Go for Samsung, LG, Sony or Panasonic. The thing is, some of the best budget TV brands are starting to catch on with consumers, sometimes releasing models that are better than the more expensive brands.


Samsung is one of the best-known television brands. Not surprisingly, it is the brand that sells the most televisions, especially when we talk about high-end ones. The reason why Samsung is one of the most famous and sought after by buyers is simple: to offer a wide range of televisions at different prices, with a very good level of quality and sometimes cheaper than other brands.

Among all the technology, Samsung stands out for the quality of its LED/LCD televisions, of which almost all are now 4K televisions, at an average price with new models every year. As for the high-end, you will not find Samsung OLED models and the South Korean brand is betting on quantum dot LED panels (or “QLED”) on its most premium screens. You might be interested in new year’s party games for adults.

This QLED technology offers high contrast thanks to the thousands of nits of brightness that, together with its ultra viewing angle, have allowed Samsung to maintain the advantage over its competitors as one of the best television brands today. In addition to this, more and more we will find 8K televisions manufactured by Samsung and it is that more and more, QLED technology offers ultra-high resolutions.


If you have ever thought about buying an OLED television, you were surely looking at one of LG’s televisions. Or not, since LG makes OLED panels for both itself and its competitors. Does that mean LG makes the best OLEDs? Yes.

OLED technology is present in the best televisions of the brand, from 42 to 83 inches. Thus allowing a greater variety of budgets, sizes and needs for those who want to enjoy the ultimate viewing experience.

And why choose an LG OLED? Mainly because of its bright and vivid colors, sharp contrast, very deep blacks and what is the best webOS smart platform (that is, the best Smartv interface on the market). Perhaps the only defect of the LG is that they are not compatible with HDR10 + (like Samsung or Panasonic) but they are with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos in their highest ranges.


Hisense is a name that you will have come across more than once, especially if you are looking for the best television brands for their value for money. This truly affordable TV brand offers premium technologies like 4K and HDR for a fraction of the price of its competitors . Making it possible for everyone to have a smart tv with good value for money at home. Learn more about family games to play on new year’s eve.

In fact, don’t think that its low price will cause it to have flow or quality problems. Although it is not comparable with the best TV brands such as Samsung, LG or Sony, it offers the best value for money without a doubt. More than enough to enjoy movies, series and play video games.

But there’s no denying how good a lot of Hisense’s TVs are for the price. Because while the brand has cheap televisions, it also has high-end televisions that incorporate OLED technology, putting it at the same level as the rest of the brands.


Does TCL ring a bell? Well, it should, because about 10% of the world’s televisions belong to this brand. And it is that this brand of Chinese electronic televisions has gained a lot of popularity in recent years , it is only behind Samsung and LG.

Like Hisense, TCL specializes in selling cheap TVs with the aim of offering mid-range TV quality at the lowest possible price . Of course, cutting benefits in the right places. Because, although we may think that the processing and quality of the images may be much worse than in other brands, the truth is that it is not so noticeable. Especially if we compare it with other televisions of the same price.


Undoubtedly, Sony is one of the best TV manufacturers on the market, and not especially for its image quality (also) but for its sound quality. Not for less, Sony televisions incorporate a very advanced sound technology compared to other competitors.

If we look at high-end TVs, we’ll see how they incorporate the Acoustic Surface Audio+ system, which uses strategically placed transducers to deliver sound from the TV panel itself , rather than through speakers positioned downwards towards the rear. or up.

As if this were not enough, Sony also incorporates large image panels in all its models, not as cheap as other brands, but impressive after all. Among them we can find dozens of 4K models and many that incorporate the increasingly common OLED panel technology that we have already talked about.


Although they are not as common as they used to be, Panasonic (not to be confused with Sony) is still one of the best TV brands out there today. The brand offers a wide variety of advantages, from its precise color mapping to its very wide compatibility with the HDR, HDR10+ and HDR Dolby Vision format . Something that many of its competitors cannot boast of competing on prices.

Panasonic’s OLED TVs are also unique thanks to the sound quality they pack (although not quite as high as Sony’s), with a good price range from a basic 30W to a massive 140W sound system. As far as screens are concerned, they are not far behind either, good quality and good price, which make Panasonic an unexpected competitor for other brands such as TCL and Hisense.


The last of the brands that we can recommend is Philips. This brand recognized for more than just its televisions surprises with models with high-end OLED screens with HDR10+ and Dolby Vision , which also focus a lot on sound quality. Not surprisingly, its star models incorporate integrated Bowers & Wilkins sound bars.

Although if Philips televisions stand out for something, compared to the rest of the competitors, it is their exclusive Ambilight technology . This is nothing more or less than a projection of the colors of your screen against the wall behind the television when in use. And this may seem silly, but the surround effect is amazing.

And so far the review of the best TV brands that we recommend , that we have bought and that we would buy again if we had the opportunity. And for this, what better way to buy a second-hand television. Because buying the best TV brand is not at odds with paying too much for it.

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