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Our home should be that place where we can escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, that space where we can find peace and tranquility . However, due to the frenetic pace of society and the bustle of cities, more and more people are wondering how to soundproof a room and to make their home peaceful.

Whether you live in a house or on the tenth floor of a block of flats, soundproofing can be a serious problem that affects any type of home . In some homes the problem may be caused by noisy neighbors or old fixtures, in others the noise may come from outside, such as businesses or traffic.

In recent years, due to the increase in teleworking, there has been an increase in the number of people who complain about noise at home and who want to know how to soundproof a room so that they can work remotely comfortably.

Similarly, there are also many people who want to know how to soundproof a room for the opposite reason, to avoid disturbing everyone around them because of the noise they generate. An example may be musicians who want to set up a studio at home where they can practice or record.

And if you are here reading this article, it is because surely this problem affects you too and you need help to know once and for all how to soundproof a room. If so, continue reading and do not miss all the tips we have compiled for you. Interesting topic to know more about kupujemprodajem.

Why is it so difficult to contain the sound?

Like water, sound waves are hard to contain, as they can make their way almost anywhere and diffract around corners. The work of soundproofing a room can be bought, therefore, with trying to waterproof a boat, the smallest crack will suffice for water to pass through, as happens with sound.

Not all waves travel the same distance or are equally penetrating, that will depend on their frequency and pitch. For example, high-pitched sounds are more difficult to block out because they have a greater number of sound wave oscillations. This is why the barking of small breed dogs and the voices of children can be more annoying. In the same way, we can hear the noise of a bass or the hum of a highway even when we are far away because they are lower frequency sounds, whose propagation capacity is greater .

The objects that surround us also influence how we perceive sound, since these have the ability to transmit sound . Surely as a child you stuck a glass on a wall so you could hear what was happening in the next room.

Where does the noise come from?

One of the most important parts of learning how to soundproof a room is discovering what type of noise we want to block out and knowing where it is coming from.

Noise can travel mainly in two ways:

  • Through the air.
  • Through the objects.

Sound waves move through the air and if they meet an object on their way, it will absorb it and transmit the sound, which will continue to travel.

When a sound is produced in an open space, such as an empty room, it can cause it to be perceived as louder due to reverberation. That is, the echo that is produced by bouncing the waves through space.

Noise is the result of sound waves leaking through holes in objects, such as a wall.

Can a room be completely soundproofed?

Before seeing how to soundproof a room, you should know that it is technically almost impossible to completely soundproof a room in a home . Even the quietest spaces have minimal background noise.

What can be achieved is to minimize noise as much as possible , until reaching a level that is acceptable enough for us to consider the room calm and quiet.

The quietest room in the world has been built by Microsoft and is an anechoic chamber that, by absorbing all the sound waves, causes a deprivation of the senses . Its silence is so overwhelming that the maximum time a person has endured being inside it is 45 minutes.

What are the most common methods of soundproofing a room?

It is essential to know these methods if we want to learn how to soundproof a room :

  • Sound damping. We will achieve a much lower noise frequency if we minimize the oscillation of the sound waves.
  • Add dough. By including high-density objects in space, we will ensure that they absorb and, therefore, minimize sound waves.
  • Sound absorption. We will be able to minimize the noise in a room by including soft materials that absorb the energy of sound waves.
  • Distance. The intensity of the sound wave will be less if a physical distance is created.
  • Undock. We will prevent vibrations from traveling if we avoid contact between objects.

How to soundproof a room at home?

Now that we know more about sound and noise, it’s time to see how to soundproof a room at home .

insulate the windows

Without a doubt, when it comes to soundproofing a room , the first step is to isolate the windows , since they are the main focus through which most of the noise can enter and exit.

There are many ways to soundproof a window . Depending on the amount of noise we want to block and our budget, we can choose between:

  • Place thick curtains in front of the windows.
  • Use adhesive strips to seal the windows.
  • Install PVC profiles.
  • Install insulated windows with thicker glass.

use the decoration

Another easy way to soundproof a room , as long as the noise is not excessively annoying, is by applying certain decorative tricks that will help us reduce the sound level without having to spend a lot or do work at home.

The tricks that work best if we want to know how to soundproof a room with decoration are :

  • Place thick woven rugs to absorb sound.
  • Use insulating paint or liquid acoustic insulation in the room that we want to soundproof.
  • Cover the walls with panels.
  • Place large furniture to divide the space and avoid echo.
  • Use books to decorate.
  • Check that the doors close well and if they do not reach the ground, install a sweeper or rubber weatherstrip so that the sound does not enter. If it is very thin, you can also choose to install a thicker one.

If this option has seemed interesting to you and you need some other object, but you do not want to spend a lot, take a look at our catalog of Second-hand Decoration Items. You will surely find the perfect piece of furniture to reduce the noise in your room!

Surface soundproofing

If the previous tricks are not enough to soundproof a room, you can choose to soundproof walls, ceiling and/or floor , depending on the degree of noise. However, we recommend that this option be carried out by professionals so that the result is optimal.

You can start by installing a second partition on the walls of the room, leaving a gap between them to add some insulating material.

This same technique can also be applied to the ceiling, installing a false ceiling and placing an insulating material between them, such as foam.
And if you still need a higher degree of soundproofing in the room, you can always choose to soundproof the floor. For this, the most suitable material is floating flooring , since its installation requires the use of a polyethylene foam base.

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