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One of the latest examples in the world of motoring is the modernization of the famous Citroen 2CV model, better known in our country under the nickname Citroen Spaček or just Spaček.

In recent years, it seems that technology is really advancing at an exponential pace, that today, more than ever, it is noticeable how much technology actually affects every segment of our lives.

It is not new that modern technology is widely used in the automotive industry, which leads to the development of numerous prototypes of modern car models, which are once on the verge of strange and incredible. Interesting topic to know more about polovni automobili.

It is a model of this French manufacturer, which was produced in the period from 1948 to 1990, in over 5 million copies.

With that in mind, there was a rather sentimental connection between the manufacturer and this model, who tried for a decade to improve this model and adapt it to the modern market. Citroen 2CV model intended for the XXI century, called Citroen ICA.

An electric version of this model has now been offered, and the look has been almost completely changed.

Although at first glance it looks like a Pixar creation, this new model quickly won over a large number of fans with its appearance, which everyone describes as a specific combination of retro and futuristic elements.

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Will the new Citroen Spaček 2CV surpass Spaček’s fame?

Although it may not look like that at first glance, this modernized version has actually retained many features of the old model.

First of all, there is a recognizable, rounded shape of the chassis, which is now accentuated by a round door.

The sides of the rear of the vehicle are slightly protruding in relation to the cabin, and when viewed from the front, it is completely there, as some critics would say “frog look”.

As with the original version, the rear wheels are half-covered, and even the handles for opening the trunk are identical to the 1949 model.

The interior is decorated in a minimalist style, it is a completely autonomous concept of the car.

Of course, Martin Hayek did not stop at this model, so new proposals for improving the popular spachek are expected in the coming period.

Although many point out that this new model really does not have a sleek exterior, and it does not look nice, it remains to be seen which will be the last word on the market if and when these models are in mass sale.

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