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Are you looking for matching wall tiles to beautify your living space? Then you’ve come to the right place in our online shop. Our carefully curated wall tile range includes a vast selection, so there is a tile for every taste! Whether you are looking for large or small, single-coloured or multi-coloured, matt or glossy wall tiles, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for with us! So feel free to browse through our numerous categories of wall tiles or use our search function at the top of the page.

Areas of application for the various wall tiles

Nowadays, there are no more limits to the purpose of visually appealing wall tiles. For your interior design, you will find a large selection of tiles in our shop, which will help you develop your personality within your four walls. But in which areas can the different wall tiles be used?

bathroom wall tiles

Wall tiles are used particularly often in the bathroom area. And for a good reason! The tiles are ideal for wall design and are also easy to clean. A simple household rag and some cleaning agent are sufficient for the tiles to shine in new splendour again. In addition, bathroom wall tiles are moisture-resistant, which is why mould growth can only occur in rare cases.

Wall tiles as tile mirror in the kitchen

For example, our multifaceted wall tiles are also used in the kitchen as backsplashes. These adapt perfectly to the room and serve as splash guards. Tiles in plain white do not always have to be used. Would you like to give your kitchen an individual flair? Then take a look at our mosaic tiles. Your kitchen and your tiled mirror will shine in a whole new light. We recommend a smooth surface for the tiles to remove dirt more quickly.

Outdoor wall tiles

Who says tiles only have to be used indoors or in living areas? Wall tiles are also ideal for beautifying your facadesWall tiles with a stone look are trendy. Attention: Since winter is sometimes freezing in this country, you should ensure that your outdoor wall tiles are frost-proof when buying.

Tiles in the living room

living room can also be fitted with tiles, creating a warm indoor climate. What may have been uncommon or unusual many years ago is now an everyday use for wall tiles. However, we recommend using wall tiles with a wood or stone look. A living room with white tiles leads to an uncomfortably cold feeling in most people and is strongly reminiscent of sterile rooms such as a doctor’s office.

Current wall tile trends

Choose Infinite Leisure your swimming pool tile suppliers in Dubai and have you had enough of your white bathroom wall tiles and found them too sterile and boring? Then we have the current wall tile trends for you below, which can inspire you in your search for a new interior design. By the way: Do you already know our tile blog? We use this to inform you regularly about current colour trends, give tips, and provide free instructions.

Historical wall tiles – charming and nostalgic

Wall tiles have accompanied people since primaeval times. Not only are they decorative, but they also keep out moisture, cold and heat. The ancient Romans completely tiled their bathrooms and beautified their homes with wall tiles and floor mosaics. Today we are used to wetting tiling areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, where cleanliness and hygiene are required, but wall tiles are also a decorative and functional enrichment in the hallway or living room. Wall tiles are a design element of your home, available in different variations and materials, based on historical templates and manufactured using the latest technology. They are the absolute number 1 when beautifying your living area! Not only in terms of cleanliness and hygiene, but above all visually. Wall tiles can be used creatively and thus change the room’s look and set accents, and they come in many forms. Whether in marble, stone or woodwall tiles provide an extraordinary flair. Retro & vintage tiles are in trend.

subway tiles

Metro wall tiles owe their name to the Paris subway. When this was built around 1900, so-called metro tiles were explicitly created for dark subway shafts and stations. These are glossy wall tiles with bevelled edges. At that time, they were supposed to reflect the weak light in the underground better and thus provide more brightness. Metro tiles are, therefore, also called facets. Today, worldwide interior design has discovered the charm of these retro & vintage tiles, and high-quality ceramic Metro tiles are available in different variations in specialist tile shops. The classic Metro tiles have dimensions of 7.5 x 15 cm. At that time, they were mainly available in pastel colours, matching Art Nouveau. Today they are usually offered in solid colours and with a high-gloss finish and a craquelure surface. The wall tiles are coated with crackling paint after the firing process, which cracks when drying and thus creates a retro & vintage look. You can conjure up mosaics on the wall with the Metro tiles or arrange them in a herringbone pattern. There are no limits to the creative possibilities.

Retro & Vintage Decor

In addition to the Metro tiles with their distinct facets, there are tiles in retro & vintage styles that are patterned. They are mostly made of glazed fine stoneware and have historical patterns. The Mediterranean retro & vintage look and wall tiles with a trendy shabby chic look are popular. Of course, these tiles are resistant to UV light and moisture. Above all, they radiate an extraordinary flair, conveying warmth and comfort. Retro & vintage wall tiles are also trendy, with historical graphic patterns that can be grouted as patchwork. You will be amazed at the charisma this creates in your living area!


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