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Fallout 3 and Evoland, free games from the Epic Games Store

Fallout 3 and Evoland, free games from the Epic Games Store

If you’re looking for an online game store this Halloween, make sure to check out the Epic Games Store. We’ll be celebrating with spooky sales on horror releases and two free games on October 31st. Steam’s great rival, the digital store of Fortnite’s parents, Epic Games Store, celebrates its Halloween 2022 offers with discounts up to 75% on horror games with which to scare us to death. Some of the discounts come with “two great free games,” as always happens during similar promotions. This time it includes Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition and Evoland Legendary Edition. You’ll get both for zero cost when you download them here

A lot of hours of good RPG

In the year of its release, Fallout: 3, the game of the year edition, was established with five DLC packs. The expansion that was introduced in fall 2012 by Bethesda Games Studios is Mothership Zeta which features alien motherships and mother-aliens to the Capital Wasteland. Point Lookout allows you to wander through a spooky swamp into a giant swamp off the coast of Maryland. Broken Steel had us joining up with Enclave soldiers and Liberty Prime to save Earth from an unknown threat while fighting raiders in The Pitt. hours and hours of content were added to last minute moments during Operation Anchorage where a colossal adventure takes place in Alaska where we fight communists invading America.

Evoland is an RPG with a classic finish and plenty of nods to the SNES era, recalling series like Final Fantasy or The Legend of Zelda. Once you make it to the end, not only will you have evolved into new characters, but you’ll also have seen additional graphical revisions as well! It’s unique and enjoyable even if you don’t know the game – remember that this is a gift horse after all!

How to download Fallout 3 for free on PC

  1. Epic Games has a suite of games available, which you can download too. All you’re required to do is sign up for an account.
  2. You can also build your own here for free.
  3. Make sure to enter your information in all the different fields for a speedy and detailed registration.
  4. You must complete the verification process by confirming your email address and accepting the terms of service. Once this is done, you will receive a mail with a verification link.
  5. Once you’ve been given access to your account, go to the link we shared above and follow the instructions.
  6. So, if you’re willing to wait for Epic Games’ next development update, you can use the Epic Game Launcher to play your favorite games from any device. You won’t need to download an application — and once it’s available, you’ll have free access!






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