Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Best In Performance

If you’re tired of manual pool cleaning, we have something you should be excited about: Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme. Created by BOTH a robotic expert and blogger, this 5-axis pool cleaner promises to keep your pool sparkling clear and your hair on the back of your neck dry everyday in just one hour!

Dolphin Nautilus Pool Cleaner CC SupremeThis amazing robotic pool cleaner is perfect for busy homeowners who want to enjoy their time in the pool without the hassle of cleaning. Simply attach the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme to your pool pump and hit the water! The intuitive control panel makes it easy to navigate and make adjustments, so you don’t have to waste time trying to operate a manual cleaner.

This top-of-the-line robotic pool cleaner is also eco-friendly, requiring just 60 watts of power to run and generating zero emissions! Check out more articles at our The Blog.

Whether you’re in the backyard or at the office, stay connected with home cleaning duties with the dolphin nautilus cc supreme robotic pool vacuum cleaner. This pool cleaner is loaded with advanced features that include a timer, maps ‘n boundaries, 2-hour duration and of course, built in Wi-Fi.

Dolphin Robotic Nautilus CC Supreme Dolphin Nautilus Automatic CC Supreme Dolphin Inground Nautilus CC Supreme


Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme In Ground Pool Cleaner Speicifcation

Connectivity & Automation
Connectivity Type Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Weekly Timer Yes
Automation Mode Yes
Delay Feature Yes
Size & Dimension
Robot Weight 24.63 lb
Package Dimensions 23.031×19.094×13.78 inch
Cable Length 60 ft
Gross Weight 41.89 lb
Filter Type Fine Filter Kit
Additional Filter Included Ultra-Fine Filter Kit
Filter Access Top Access
Cleaning Coverage Floor, Walls and Waterline
Full Bag Indicator No
Waterline Scrubbing Yes
Enhanced Cleaning Cycles Yes
Default Cycle Time 2.5
Active Brush Yes
Number of Brushes 3
Brush Type (Material) Combine Brush
Anti Tangling Swivel Yes
Suction Rate 4500 gph
Pool Attributes
Maximum Pool Size 50 ft
Pool Classification In Ground
Pool Shape Rectangular, Oval, Free Shape, Hopper, Kidney, Zero (beach) entry

Whether you’re at home or at the office, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Wi-Fi connected robot is loaded with advanced cleaning features and innovative technology that ensures your pool stays sparkling clean. With its 360° cleaning capabilities and retractable arm, the Dolphin Nautilus Automatic CC Supreme Pool Cleaner is perfect for those who want a thorough job. Plus, its intuitive controls make it easy to use, so you can focus on floating and relaxing instead of cleaning. So why wait? Order your Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme today!

If you’re looking for a robot that can help clean your pool, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme is the perfect option. This Wi-Fi connected robot features advanced cleaning features and innovative technology that ensures your pool stays sparkling clean. With its built-in GPS system and infrared sensors, it’s able to navigate around the pool quickly and easily. Plus, its durable construction means it can handle even the most challenging pools. So don’t wait any longer – order your Dolphin Robotic Nautilus CC Supreme Pool Cleaner Today today!

Dolphin Pool Cleaner Series:-

Dolphin pool cleaners are the best in the market and they come with a huge range of automatic pool cleaner models. Some of the best Dolphin pool cleaners include the Dolphin X-Stream ECO, Dolphin X-Stream 9500 and the Dolphin Nautilus Automatic CC Supreme. All of these devices have been designed with meticulous care to meet even the most stringent requirements, ensuring that your swimming pool is kept clean and sparkling all year round.

In addition to their superior quality, all Dolphin Nautilus Automatic CC Supreme pool cleaners also come with a host of features and extras that make them stand out from the crowd. For instance, all of these machines come with a water jets for fine cleaning, as well as powerful suction for tackling tough dirt and debris. Plus, each model comes complete with built-in GPS tracking technology so you can always be sure that your machine is performing at its best. Belows are the 44 Dolphin pool cleaner’s model.

  1. Dolphin E10

  2. Dolphin Active 10

  3. Dolphin Active 15

  4. Dolphin Active 20

  5. Dolphin Active 30

  6. Dolphin Active 40

  7. Dolphin Active 60

  8. Dolphin Active Solo

  9. Dolphin ADVANTAGE

  10. Dolphin ADVANTAGE PRO


  12. Dolphin Cayman

  13. Dolphin Echo

  14. Dolphin Encore

  15. Dolphin Escape

  16. Dolphin Explorer E20

  17. Dolphin Explorer E30

  18. Dolphin Explorer E50

  19. dolphin explorer e70

  20. Dolphin M200

  21. Dolphin M400

  22. Dolphin M500

  23. Dolphin Nautilus CC

  24. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

  25. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus With Wi-Fi

  26. Dolphin Premier

  27. Dolphin Premium

  28. Dolphin Proteus DX4

  29. Dolphin Proteus DX5i

  30. Dolphin Quantum

  31. Dolphin S100

  32. Dolphin S200

  33. Dolphin S300

  34. Dolphin S300i

  35. Dolphin S50

  36. Dolphin Sigma

  37. Dolphin T15

  38. Dolphin T25

  39. Dolphin T35

  40. Dolphin T45

  41. Dolphin T55i

  42. Dolphin Triton PS

  43. Dolphin Triton PS Plus

  44. Dolphin M600


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