Social networks developed from the marketing exotic to the absolute must of modern corporate communication. In this way, they supplanted outdated advertising models and gave the early adopters enormous advertising success. Where critics and outsiders often only think of more or less meaningful communication from community managers and their followers, there is now much more behind it. Complex Admanager tools provide access to an exciting portfolio of ad products, the delivery of which can be implemented with the help of a target group definition that can be planned down to the smallest detail. From community management to the pure image or branding campaigns, social networks offer a constantly growing spectrum of advertising opportunities. Choose Shaz Tech & Vlog your best advertising design agency in Dubai.

Over 1.9 billion users worldwide, over 30 million in Germany & 3.7 million in Austria already have a Facebook account.

Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Co.
  • We develop content & online campaigns tailor-made for your company!


  • Let’s face it, you either rank on the first page of Google or don’t. Very few users get lost on the second page of the search results.

Google AdWords (SEA)

  • Use the most effective advertising platform efficiently! Advertising on Google!
  • Define goals! Make success measurable!

Email marketing

  • Reach your target group & build a personal relationship!
  • Make It Simple! Make It Memorable!

Online strategies

  • More leads, more sales, and faster growth?
  • We create tailor-made online campaigns for your company!

Influencer Marketing

  • Benefit from the reach & influence of opinion leaders.

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