Final Fantasy XVI Has A New Trailer

Square Enix is returning to its roots with its upcoming game, FFXVI. As each new trailer releases, the game only looks more and more spectacular.

Final Fantasy XVI is getting better with each new trailer it releases and months go by, making it one of the clear prognosticators for GAME OF THE YEAR 2023. Square Enix released a video recently, I AM A MAN AT WAR, introducing us to the world and the different medieval houses that battle for power, money and glory in it. But in doing so, it revealed its own ambition with FFXVI. That would be its graphics, its combat system, its plot, and the beautiful and huge world in which it seems to exist.

Final Fantasy XVI is finally here! It’s been over a year in the making and the game has been promoted recently to include its release date on the front cover. The team is focused all its attention on removing bugs and it’s getting closer as we speak. Aft wind at full sail for a Final Fantasy XVI in the last stages of its development with a June 2020 release window.

Final Fantasy XVI debuts combat system

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the next installment in the beloved Final Fantasy franchise for six years, and with a brand new trailer that just dropped today, it seems as though they’ll finally be able to play the game they’ve been waiting for. Although some argue over whether or not this game will revert back to turn-based combat, it seems as though the newest installment of the Final Fantasy saga is going towards more hack-and-slash style action than ever before. With news on top talents behind the project coming out, fans should expect nothing but greatness.

The world of Valisthea is one where peculiar geometric stones with supernatural power to be used for magic bestow long life to locals. The story follows the development of these new powers that appear with increased strength and the resulting struggle for control over them. Some factions like the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, Kingdoms of Iron and Waloed, Republic of Dhalmekia, or Holy Empire of Sanbreque play big roles in the game.

Valisthea , the long-awaited return to medieval fantasy

The Houses of Valisthea are embarking on a desperate quest for the keys to their futures. They want the so-called dominants–the only people who can control these crystals and enchant beasts with them–and they will use any means necessary to get what they need. This includes hunting down and killing any Dominant(s) they come across in order to give themselves the advantage. As Clive Rosefield, a high-ranking mercenary who must decide what role he plays in this war, I will face the consequences but try to stay out of it as best as I can. Will I help protect the strongest assets? Or seize control of all Europe?

Many things change in the world of Final Fantasy – one such thing is that this story, targeted for release on mobile devices, takes place in an Earth that has emerged from medieval times. The creators do not shy away from evoking nostalgic feelings when playing it. This Final Fantasy XV Mobile misses 35th anniversary of the saga we celebrate in 2022 and doesn’t include previous content released but its goal is to be a tribute to the imaginary and legacy of what might become the last game in the series. It will take time, but the developers are committed to making it happen. TIC Tac!


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