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Google announces Android 13 Go Edition

Google announces Android 13 Go Edition

Google has presented Android 13 Go Edition, the newest version of the system targeted to low-end devices. It has also announced that there are 250 million active users on the system as of this date.

If you’re a startup looking for your first Android phone, this is a great option. Google released the Go program five years ago when they started developing Android to support entry-level smartphone and basic device requirements. They had many goals in mind, but one of their aims was to make it as light and simple as possible so that anyone could use it. Their latest update offers similar features with high performance specifications.

The platform offers optimized services, dedicated apps for the different versions, features that work offline, and a built-in data manager to help preserve your mobile data.

Google has been improving this version of Android every year since it was first released in 2008. Through the use of this app, it has met its goals and the population of devices on which it operates continues to increase each year. Today, this app governs over 2 billion monthly active users!

Android 13 Go Edition, news

One of the novelties of this new version is the arrival of updates through Google Play. This means that users will be able to get some essential updates to the Android ecosystem without having to wait for the phone manufacturer to release them.

“This will make delivery of critical updates quick and easy without compromising on-device storage availability. The result will be that the phone stays up to date with the latest and greatest builds, without having to wait for device manufacturers to deliver weekly software updates,” explains the company.

The second key feature of Android 13 is the Material You design language that has been used in previous versions of Android. The new interface will even improve customization, integration of functions and visual coherence throughout. In addition, a new version of Android Go will show personalized articles on a swipe from the home screen. Discover will include content from sources like videos, sports event results and more.

The new notification permissions, ​​and the ability to define languages ​​per application, are just some of the improvements users can expect to find in this Android 13 Go Edition release. The first terminals with this version will be available in 2023.






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