The House of the Dragon And What Are The Key Events

As the season finale approaches, there is a decision that will change the fate of many characters.

When Viserys, the first Targaryen of his name, died, the largest war in Westeros history was able to finally end. Rhaenyra, Princess of Dragonstone, was not at the final battle and therefore had to maneuver quickly in order to place her candidate on the Iron Throne.

When important information leaks, it’s often difficult to contain the damage. Little by little, with careful executions and scheming, word spreads. To ensure there is no further leakage of such crucial information, the queen puts up a shield around certain royal figures she feels could pose a risk to her side and proceeds with their isolation.

A new reign begins… and almost ends before it begins

One day, this would-have-been ruler of a forgotten dynasty wakes up and realizes that he doesn’t feel up to ruling. He spends the reason following the death of the king lazing around all day in his chambers. Nobody finds him for hours after his death, so Otto Hightower sends the Cargyll brothers to find Aegon Targaryen. When they ssen him, he’s reluctant to return because he knows that coronation is still waiting for him.

In Alicent Hightower, there is still sympathy for Rhaenyra, who was her childhood friend. Her intention is to offer a peace treaty to the princess that isn’t humiliating, and a waiver of her succession rights that are still in force at the time. Otto advises something more drastic– a position he doesn’t share– and warns Aegon that his grandfather will try to talk him out of showing any clemency to the princess.

The coronation scene reaches a dramatic climax as the newly crowned King Aegon II Targaryen and Queen Rhaenys Targaryen are jolted from their moment of glory. Princess Rhaenys flies high into the air before turning around, having quickly broken free of her scripted character for a split second. The queen and king close their eyes and wait for something that doesn’t come: no word from the maiden, no sign of fire, nothing. Rhaenys flies off, leaving court.


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