Silence S04: everything you need to know

The Silence S04 model is the first electric car of the Spanish motorcycle brand. With a smaller size than a Smart, this vehicle is presented as the most practical urban mobility alternative that can be found on the market

Under the name of Silence S04 , the first 100% electric vehicle of this company specialized in sustainable mobility on two wheels is presented. It is a much smaller 4-wheel micro car than the well-known Smart , as it is only 2.33 meters long and 1.56 meters wide. Know more about Mercedes benz s class ne shitje.

How is the Silence S04 configured?

The Silence S04 has capacity for two passengers , although with the peculiarity that the seats are asymmetrical to offer a greater sensation of space. In addition, in its reduced dimensions there is also room for a 310-litre trunk where you can store luggage or shopping bags.

Different versions of the Silence S04

This micro electric car will be available in two versions:

  • Silence S04 L7e: it is the most powerful model with a 14 kW motor that allows it to reach a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour . In this case, the approved autonomy amounts to 149 kilometers .
  • Silence S04 L6e: this version incorporates a 6 kW motor with which it can travel at a maximum of 45 kilometers per hour . In this way, you can drive without having a car license.

Despite the differences in the characteristics of the propellant and the batteries, both models share other features. Among them are the multifunction steering wheel, audio system with Bluetooth, 7-inch digital TFT screen, climate control, rear-wheel drive, electric windows and central locking, among others.

Silence S04 with removable battery system

The most striking thing about this Spanish electric vehicle is its removable battery system . Thanks to this advance, users will be able to go to one of the locations enabled by the brand (called Battery Station ) to change the battery that is exhausted for another with a full charge in the same way that they go to a gas station to refuel in the case of conventional combustion vehicles.

These installations patented by Silence constitute the first exchanger of these components in Europe. In addition, they will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer a total service to customers.

Given that through this system it is not necessary to buy batteries, the company has the possibility of reducing the cost of acquiring the vehicle by up to 40%. Likewise, recharging times are considerably reduced, although for this it will be necessary to make a prior reservation at one of the stations through the mobile application.

On the other hand, it will also be possible to charge the batteries at home or in the office . Since they can be removed, this task is greatly facilitated if you do not choose to load from the front of the vehicle. In both cases, the complete recharge will be ready in approximately 6 hours.

What is the price of the Silence S04?

The Silence S04 micro electric car can be purchased from 7,500 euros without including the removable batteries that it needs for its operation. In the case of having these elements, the price goes up to 12,000 euros.

The budget also includes access to the My Silence app that offers drivers a multitude of features, such as knowing where the vehicle is parked, the battery level or information on the fastest routes. Along with this, with the application you can also turn your mobile into an electronic key to open or close the car, raise or lower the windows, turn on or off the air conditioning, etc.


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