We tested the Kia EV6, the brand’s first electric

Already on sale and in the process of communication, the Kia EV6 is the first of the brand’s new electric ranges, with outstanding dynamics and a very fast charge, in 18 minutes it reaches 80%.

We have had the opportunity to test the Kia EV6 based on the 229 hp variant that provides 528 km of autonomy , this being the most balanced and best-selling expected version. Know more about fiat ne shitje.

It is manufactured exclusively in Korea with an absolutely new and groundbreaking exterior design within a Crossover aspect, communicating the brand that it is the first of the 11 new electric models that will be launched until 2026 .

It has a high-voltage electric drive with its 800V , thus achieving very fast charges that in 18 minutes reach 80% of its capacity (in 4.5 minutes at least 100 km of autonomy are recharged).

Modern, exclusive and spacious interior

The well-known dimensions of the model give it a very notable interior spaciousness , especially in the rear seats thanks to the flat floor design throughout the passenger compartment, which allows a very open and perfectly accessible space for 3 people, with great room for the legs and reclining and folding backrests.

 Kia EV6 2021 length m Width m Height m battle m trunk liters
  4.68 1.88 1.55 2.90 520 + 52

It has two trunks : the traditional 520-litre rear one (with a double bottom to accommodate recharging cables), and a small 52-litre front one (20 liters in all-wheel drive variants).

The rear bench is quite long and provides good sensations for the occupants , with a heated system in the outer seats, a 220 V/16th domestic plug under the bench.

The front seats are really comfortable and enveloping , they have USB charging sockets on the inner sides and can be heated or cooled, providing a fabulous driving position with a well-sized augmented reality Head-up Display that expresses a lot of useful information ( speed, dynamic arrows indicating direction in navigation, vehicle blind spot warning, etc.).

What draws a lot of attention is the large double curved screen that presides over the dashboard, with a 12” instrument panel and a main 12.3” high definition touch screen .

Interesting are the touch controls for the climate control that are combined in an LCD-type strip under the central air vents and that are changed to control controls for the infotainment system (navigator, radio…)

The connectivity that the EV6 has is first class through the Smartphone and a very advanced voice recognition.

The interior environment presents good finishes, which are complemented with materials from recycled ½ liter plastic bottles (111 in total).

The rotary control located on the center console is used to select the gear (D, N, or R), also having a large passenger compartment and very easy access to the charging points (3 USB and one 12V).

Great dynamism with high responses at all times

The test carried out was on the 229 hp version , with rear-wheel drive and a 77.4 kW/h battery (528 km of autonomy) , equipped with the “Air” access finish and the Comfort package (angle detection system dead + intelligent adaptive LED headlights +  Head-up Display with augmented reality  + electric relaxing front seats).

This version is equipped with 19” wheels that provide a good level of comfort and hardly any rolling noise, helping the set to maintain a remarkable silence in all situations.

In tight curves, there is hardly any swaying thanks to its firm suspensions that help a very agile driving despite its high weight of 2 tons.

The electric steering is very effective and comfortable, as well as the braking is “special” with a first section of low effectiveness and a second section that allows the dosage of the braking power.

The 3 driving modes (Eco, Sport and Snow) are managed from its innovative steering wheel, with great efficiency of the electrical system in Eco mode and great accelerations of a true sports car in Sport mode.

The steering wheel incorporates paddles to manage 6 levels of regenerative braking (none, levels from 1 to 3, “i-PEDAL” and automatic mode), to choose the intensity of retention and its corresponding dynamic recharging of the battery.

The charging socket is located in the right rear corner and has a V2L adapter to supply power to another electric vehicle. It incorporates a three-phase charger for fast charging and a type 2 cable (Mennekes) as standard.

Versions, variants and prices

Already on sale in Spain from €34,700 (including Moves III institutional aid) and subscribed to the “Ionity” charging network (€0.29/kW) for 2 years or 10,000 km.

At the end of the year the top-of-the-range GT version will arrive , with the current price offer as follows (applying a dealer discount, financing with Flexiplan and a €7,000 discount on the Moves III -except GT finish-):

Battery (Power) Traction Autonomy km Finish RRP (€) RRP with discounts (€)*
58 (170) rear 400 Air 46,450 34,700
77.4 (229) rear 510 Air 50,350 38,600
77.4 (229) rear 475 GT-Line 55,050 43,300
77.4 (325) Total 450 GT-Line 59,050 44,518
77.4 (585) Total 400 GT 66,750 59,218

In addition, the following content packs can optionally be added to each version :

  • Comfort Pack, optional Air finish (€3,100):
    • Electric relax-type front seats with lumbar adjustment and memory function (driver’s seat).
    • Dynamic adaptive high beam assistant.
    • LED headlights with intelligent adaptive system.
    • Head-up Display with augmented reality.
    • Blind spot detection system.
  • Premium Pack, optional GT-Line finish (€2,750):
    • 360 view camera.
    • Parking exit collision prevention assistance system.
    • Premium Audio System (Meridian).
    • Blind spot detection system.
    • Panoramic sunroof.
    • Integrated exterior handles with automatic deployment.


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