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Finding it impossible to compete against the fierce competition from suppliers on Fiverr and land your first orders? Then you will find the right tips here to make it easier for you to be found in the search and to attract the right customers.

While you might find it a little awkward getting in front of the camera and recording a video, I promise your effort will be worth it because a video is one of the things Fiverr rewards the most.

You will immediately appear much more frequently and prominently in the search results and at the same time you will be more likely to be listed in the recommendations.

But customers also like the videos and are more likely to order from you if you are a little more tangible for them and they realize that their order is actually being carried out by a real, likeable person.

So jump over your shadow and be sure to add a video to your gig description. Simply describe briefly who you are and what you offer, nothing more is necessary.

In this way, you build up a personal relationship with your customers right from the start, which will pay off for you in the long term. You might be interested in how to rank Fiverr gig on first page of Google by Shaz Vlog.

2. Don’t undersell yourself

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to price your work too low or to set the scope of the gig too high.

You do not have to and cannot compete with other providers from low-wage countries who offer much cheaper prices due to their lower cost of living.

Think about what is worthwhile for you. How long will it take you to complete your work? How high should your hourly wage be at least? Based on your answers to these questions, decide how much work you can offer for a $5 gig.

Don’t forget the hefty 20% commission that Fiverr keeps.

While you’ll never get a really high hourly wage on Fiverr, you should never undersell yourself. There are enough customers on Fiverr who are willing to pay more for quality work and often even prefer providers from economically stronger countries.

So don’t set your price too low. The right customers will still find you.

3. Choose an attractive introductory offer

Ratings and customer reviews are the be-all and end-all on platforms like Fiverr. You just don’t stand a chance without positive reviews. Of course, this makes the beginning a little more difficult, since you first have to find customers who will write the first reviews for you.

You may be able to promote your Gig among friends so that they buy your Gig and give you reviews to help you get started faster.

As an alternative, you can also consider setting the price for the first orders a little lower and still provide your customers with a very good service.

Although you will earn a little less with the first orders, you will receive a reward through good ratings from satisfied customers, which will pay off in the long term and will allow you to get started faster and help you to get more orders.

But really only keep this offer up until you have received the first reviews. After that, you should definitely stick to the point described above and choose a reasonable price for your work. Check out more interesting articles on our Blog.

4. Increase your price over time

Apart from the introductory offer, you may also be a little more careful with pricing at the beginning and do not use your full potential.

That’s fine too, as long as you still choose a price that you’re happy with for now and that fairly rewards your work.

However, you should not be afraid to increase your price later.

New customers can now clearly see from your reviews that you are doing a good job and existing customers will continue to buy from you as they are already satisfied and don’t want to start looking for a reliable supplier all over again.

I also increased the price of my translations after a while. After that there was a small break in orders of a few days, but after that it went on just as well.

5. Convince with good customer service

Fiverr has a reputation as a cheap deals platform. That’s just the way it is.

Accordingly, customer expectations are not particularly high and at the same time there are many providers who do not even offer the smallest bit of service.

This is of course great for you, because even with the smallest and simplest gestures you can stand out from the crowd and surprise your customers in a positive way.

So pay attention to friendly communication, quick answers, punctual delivery and respond to customer questions.

This puts you miles ahead of others, builds trust and can thus create a decisive competitive advantage for you.

6. Respond quickly to requests

On Fiverr, people often look for a quick fix to their problem.

Therefore, try to respond to inquiries in your inbox as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, they may have already decided on someone else in the meantime, without you having a chance to convince them through friendly and goal-oriented communication.

7. Set a realistic time span

At each gig you have to specify how much time you need to return the order. After you place your order, a countdown will start to show you how much time you have left.

Letting the allotted time pass automatically leaves the customer with a negative impression, no matter how well you did your job. Therefore, make sure that the delivery is on time.

It is important that you give a realistic amount of time for the completion of your gig, in which you can complete the job without stress.

You should definitely keep in mind that you are basically always on call and never know when the next order will come in and how large it will be.

Maybe you have a lot of work on the table at the moment or you are sometimes on the go, so you can’t get started right away. But even then, you should be able to deliver your work on time.

Many will advise you to set the time for your gig as short as possible as this will attract more clients. However, I don’t see it that way as it just adds unnecessary stress to you, which with the mediocre payment on Fiverr just isn’t worth it.

So choose the time so that you can maintain your flexibility. The right customers will come anyway.

Of course, it is also interesting to have a suitable offer for those who are looking for someone on Fiverr who can get the job done for them as quickly as possible.

The best way to do this is to use the Gig Extras option to offer particularly fast delivery and have it paid for accordingly. After all, it must be worthwhile for you to prioritize an order and let other things wait.

8. Create individual offers

You can use the inbox to send your customer an offer that is individually tailored to their needs.

Take advantage of this opportunity, because you not only show your customers that you are ready to respond to their needs, but also make ordering much easier for them.

It is also practical for you, as you are able to adjust the price and time, especially for larger orders, and coordinate them specifically for the order.

9. Describe your gig as detailed and understandable as possible

This is important to make it clear up front what your offer does and does not include.

This prevents you from asking unnecessary questions, saves time and allows you to filter out those customers for whom your offer is not suitable.

In addition, your customer knows exactly what he is getting himself into, so that misunderstandings and disagreements can be minimized.

10. Test different gigs

Fiverr gives you the option to set up different gigs, which is handy because it lets you test which offers work better and which less well.

For example, we had a gig for each language pair, but only one of them worked really well and generated orders for the other language pairs at the same time.

Take the opportunity and just try it out a little.

If you keep all these things in mind, then nothing should stand in the way of your successful start in freelancing with Fiverr. Don’t worry if you feel a little slow at first, it’s perfectly normal.

If you’re looking for a little more information on the subject, check out my other article on Fiverr or read how to find your freelancing niche here.

Have you already gained experience with Fiverr and do you have any other tips? Or do you have any questions about the platform or freelancing itself? Then leave them in the comments!

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