What To Do When Pool Chlorine Tablets Don’t Dissolve?

Owning a swimming pool has its pros and cons. In summer, you can bathe whenever you want and enjoy moments of fun or relaxation with family and friends. Even if you have a heat pump and a cover, you can also bathe in winter.

We must remember that if we want to enjoy our aquatic installation, we must carry out the correct maintenance of swimming pools. It is at this point that problems usually appear.

If it has happened to you that the pool chlorine tablets do not dissolve and you smell chlorine when you open the tablet dispenser, one explanation for this is that you have a bad valve in the dispenser. For this reason, the water does not move through the dispenser; consequently, the water does not flow through the outlet pipes. It stays there, and a yellowish pool chlorine gas accumulates.

If, on the other hand, you do not have a pool chlorine tablet dispenser installed in your treatment plant, you are placing the tablets in different places in the pool, and even so, you see that they do not dissolve in the water, then the reason is that those tablets or pills are found to be defective.

How long does it take for a pool chlorine tablet to break down?

How long does it take for a pool chlorine tablet to break down?

Best pool Chlorine tablets are chemical products highly demanded by pool owners. Their primary purpose is to disinfect and keep the water free of algae bacteria and crystal clear. This way, the water will be a safe place to swim and hang out. You can add pool chlorine to swimming pools in different ways, and the simplest way is to pour liquid pool chlorine drums directly into the pool glass.

On the other hand, if we want to clean pools and have the pool water in the best possible condition without spending so much money, it is more advisable to use pool chlorine tablets. These will release slowly, controlled and chemical constant.

Pool chlorine tablets are small, and we can store them in the bottle we buy. Their use does not entail any physical effort; therefore, you will not have to spend much time putting them in their respective places. Sometimes, when we want to prepare the pool in summer to bathe, we may have doubts about how long it takes for the tablets to take effect in the pool.

It is a familiar doubt among our clients. Knowing how quickly these pills dissolve is essential if we want to plan for the future, as well as how many medications we have to take during the summer season. If we know when our pool will be disinfected and crystal clear, it will be much better. As a rule, you must bear in mind that standard pool chlorine tablets take seven days to dissolve completely, although if we want to have greater precision, we must take into account other characteristics, such as: Check out more interesting article on our blog.

  • The chemical composition of the chlorine tablets and the brand’s own stabilizers.
  • The size of the pills.
  • The capacity in litres of the pool.
  • The daily hours that we have the treatment plant in operation.
  • The outside temperature, if it is hotter, the chlorine evaporates faster.
  • Where will we place the pills: in a pill dispenser in the sewage treatment plant, in the skimmer or in a floating dispenser mushroom in the water?

Where to put the chlorine tablet in the pool?

Where to put the chlorine tablet in the pool?

This part is significant since many people wonder where to put the chlorine tablet in the pool. If you are one of those who think that any place is valid to place chlorine tablets, let us tell you that you are wrong.

As we have mentioned in the previous section, pouring liquid chlorine into the pool water without any dosage method can be done, but it is not practical because you have to do it manually every time the chlorine level drops. In this way, we would have to be attentive every day, taking measurements to be able to check it, and even so, we would arrive a little late, and we may run out of chlorine in the pool before we knew it.

Some people throw the tablets at the bottom of the pool, and this method is not recommended since when these products dissolve in contact with the pool floor, they can permanently leave white stains. In addition, chlorine will not be distributed equally throughout the pool. It will only be more concentrated in one part.

Chlorine tablets in the skimmer

Chlorine tablets in the skimmer

This is another method that is not recommended, although it manages to better disperse the chemical product in a more balanced way throughout the aquatic space if we compare it with the previous method. We should not place a chlorine tablet in the skimmer basket because both trichlor and calcium hypochlorite tablets corrode the treatment plant equipment system. The concentrated chemical product, the acid and the calcium, would wear down the skimmer and the treatment plant pipes until they reach the pump, which will corrode or calcify if we continue using this method over the years.

Next, we will explain where to place the chlorine tablet in the pool:

A floating dispenser for chlorine tablets

A floating dispenser for chlorine tablets

Like the chlorine dispensers in sewage treatment plants, the floating dispensers for chlorine tablets are designed to place any disk-shaped tablet. We must recognise this accessory for swimming pools in the water since it will remain floating and will disperse the chemical product evenly.

Typically, they are blue and white, like the one in the picture. Many dispensers have space to put 2 or 3 pills together. The largest ones can store seven medications. There is a lid at the top with slots at the bottom that allow us to adjust the speed of dissolution of the chlorine tablet. Just as its name implies, it floats around the pool, slowly dissolving pool salt tablets throughout the collection.

For the summer season, the dosing mushrooms are the best option so that the pool elements last longer and for a better distribution of swimming pool chlorine throughout the treatment plant circuit. In sweltering weather, chlorine tablets dissolve easily and quickly. It is much cheaper than installing a pill dispenser in the treatment plant; moreover, few pools have this element installed since they usually work with a salt chlorinator or liquid chlorine dispensers.

If you want a professional to carry out this work for you so that you do not have to worry about the maintenance of your pool, call us and tell us about your case.


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