Visa application requirements for Italy

To obtain an Italian visa, preparing a high-quality photograph is one of the key points. Often, visa refusals occurred precisely because the applicant had given an inaccurate picture. To get a visa for the first time and save valuable time, you should clearly understand what requirements the embassy imposes on the visa photo for Italy.

The requirements in 2019 are quite strict. The consul pays attention not only to the exact match of sizes, but also to the lighting, appearance, and even the turning of the applicant’s head in the photograph. This article lists all the requirements step by step. Even seemingly insignificant ones are mandatory. Know more about podgorica.

  • The photo itself clearly corresponds to a size of 30 × 40 mm or 35×45 mm.
  • The face from the upper edge of the forehead to the chin is no larger than 3 cm.
  • 70-80% of the photo must be taken by the applicant.
  • The distance between the crown and the upper edge can be at least 2 mm.

Image quality

  • The photo for a visa to Italy must be fresh – not older than six months.
  • The image is exclusively in color.
  • The shoulders and part of the person’s head must not be cut off.
  • The image is sharp and clear with harmonized contrast, displayed on high-quality paper and in high resolution.
  • Photo paper must be free of wrinkles, smudges, or similar imperfections.
  • The complexion corresponds to the natural skin tone.

Head position and facial expression

  • The photo must be taken clearly from the front, tilts and turns of the head are not allowed.
  • The applicant must look strictly at the camera lens.
  • The eyes must not be closed or squinting, the long hair must not enter the eyes and interfere with the recognition of the gaze.
  • The face must not express strong emotions, the mouth is closed.
  • Both shoulders must be in the frame, a half-turn photo is not accepted.


  • The background is white.
  • The colors of the image are neutral – not too bright or dull, but clearly visible.
  • The lighting is normal, a photo for an Italian visa should not have accents, shadows, flashes on the skin. The Visa Section will not accept images that clearly show the redness of the applicant’s eyes.

Important! Various foreign things should not be visible in the picture – indoor flowers, toys, chair backs or background pictures.

If the applicant wears glasses, he must be photographed with them. But in this case, there are also a number of requirements in the photo for a visa for Italy:

  • The applicant’s eyes must be clearly visible in the photograph. Photos with tinted lenses are not accepted, glare should not be reflected in the lenses of the glasses.
  • For photography, you need to choose glasses with a thin frame. It is important to make sure that the frame does not cover even a small part of the eye.

Photographing in a head covering is not permitted unless it is due to the applicant’s religion. In this case, it is important to take into account that the face should be completely visible – from the hairline to the chin.

Photographs for a visa for Italy – an item to pay special attention to when collecting a package of documents for applying for a visa. In 2019, the basic requirements for visa photographs for most Schengen countries are identical, but it is better to check the timely information on the official website of the consulate.

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