The Day of the Three Wise Men, also known as the Three Wise Men, is on January 6th and is known by the names Caspar (or Kaspar, depending on the spelling), Melchior, and Balthasar. On this occasion, we have dealt with the three most essential pearls of wisdom of fair trade participation.

K, M, and B are the initials for central features that should be considered when participating in a trade fair:

K = Compact

The word “compact” does not stand for the stand area or the stand design but for the concept of trade fair participation. The compact and straightforward transmission of your message is a crucial success factor since the stand area – regardless of whether it is an area of ​​3m² or 90m² – is limited and cannot be expanded indefinitely. People from around the world participating and choosing the right exhibition stand design company Dubai.

Compact also stands for understandable. Due to the limited space, the message must not only be short and compact but also conveyed understandably. Within seconds, visitors decide whether the topic and thus the exhibition stand is of interest to them and whether they want to enter it – or move on.

As already mentioned, the concept of compact and comprehensible information transmission is not limited to the stand design but is, of course, taken up again by design. An excellent long-distance effect, clear statements and imagery, and a coordinated appearance help support the compact transmission of content and attract attention.

M = Modular

The term “modular” stands for flexible adaptation to specific circumstances. This does not always mean local conditions such as the stand area or different stand types, but also changed framework conditions that fundamentally shape participation in the trade fair. A changed core statement or a new budget framework can mean that your concept for participating in a trade fair must be adapted.

With a modular design, exhibition stands can be flexibly adapted as the basis for a fair trade appearance. For example, thanks to simple modular principles, different stand areas can be used with one system. At the same time, the graphics can be easily exchanged; thus, additional messages can be presented repeatedly, and other target groups can be addressed. A fair trade appearance only becomes sustainable through modularity.

B = Movable

Agility and thus mobility is essential for your concept for participating in a trade fair. Only those who are mobile and flexible can react flexibly. On the one hand, flexibility can be achieved with the principle of mobility, which relates to the transport and the assembly of your exhibition stand. On the other hand, mobility means the simple adaptation of your stand concept.

Hardly any other communication tool has changed as much over time as trade fairs. Agility also means adapting to new developments such as digitization without sticking to rigid structures.

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