Self-driving cars are coming to Dubai soon!

Dubai is leading the way in the autonomous car world.

In response to the growing availability of autonomous vehicles, RTA unveiled its all-electric self-driving car today at GITEX in Dubai.

After announcing plans for a self-driving taxi fleet earlier this year, the RTA aims to roll out electric cars by 2030.

San Francisco, California, looks to be the next US city to have driverless electric cars. These cars’ success in San Francisco will likely lead the way to change worldwide.

Dubai’s government is investing over $50 billion to change the transport system for the better, and it will be no time soon before driverless cars are commonplace.

His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, director-general, and chairman of the board of executive directors of Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority, has outlined an integrated roadmap for the future of self-driving transport in the area. Transforming 25% of total journeys into tours on self-driving car means was one component of this roadmap.

Cruise recently initiated a phase of preparing digital maps for their self-driving cars.

Driverless cars have many potential benefits, but are they safe?

Though these are driverless cars, they will make the roads of Dubai safer and less crowded for residents. With zero emissions, these cars cause minor environmental damage in all circumstances. Moreover, we have set routes for these cars, which could reduce congestion.

Early this year, plans were unveiled for 35 flying taxis to begin ferrying passengers around the city in just four years.

With hailing a taxi in Dubai harder than ever, driverless cars will be a welcome addition to the city. They can travel on pre-designed routes, easily avoiding traffic congestion and keeping a distance between each other at all times.

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