Santiago’s Meze is chosen as the best Turkish restaurant in America

The only Chilean recognized in these international awards is this place a few steps from the Manuel Montt Metro, the only 100% Turkish restaurant in Santiago, which shines with traditional dishes and a charming interior terrace.

Lovers of Middle Eastern flavors know well Meze , the place located on Av. Manuel Montt, a few steps from the Metro station of the same name, and which is the first and only 100% Turkish restaurant in Santiago .

The one opened in 2014 by a native of Istanbul,  Onur Erdemir , who after arriving in Chile decided to bet on this place that he conquers with the traditional recipes of his country.

If you’ve never been before, perhaps you’ll take heart now, as Meze has received a major recognition: it was just chosen as America’s Best Turkish Restaurant at the  2022 International Dining Awards.

These are the Dubai-based awards that seek to highlight the best in the industry in the world , recognizing places that “have a truly exceptional team and provide an incomparable gastronomic experience,” as they point out on their website.

They do so by awarding places divided by continent and in different categories, based on a criterion that includes chefs and gastronomic entrepreneurs, in addition to public voting.

And they have just announced their winners for 2022, among which there is only one Chilean , Meze, in the category of Best Turkish Restaurant on the continent.

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Taste the Turkish tradition

One more recognition for this place that since it was inaugurated, seven years ago, has kept its quality and flavors intact, those of a menu that combines the Ottoman tradition with more modern Turkish preparations .

“We are very happy, since this award is an important recognition of the work we have done all these years to bring a little piece of Turkey to Chile through our gastronomy and our culture,” says Onur Erdemir, owner and chef of Meze.

Culture that in the place is not only reflected in its preparations, but also in its aesthetics, which takes you on a trip to the Middle East with its lamps, fabrics and traditional decorations  spread over three rooms.

Among them, an interior terrace that is a true oasis in the heart of Providencia, an ideal space to start enjoying some of its signature cocktails based on Raki, a distillate of grapes and anise typical of Turkey.

To continue later with appetizers such as the Karidesli Sicack Humus ($8,750), traditional humus that is served with shrimp spread in butter, almonds and cumin served in a clay dish. Check out more interesting articles on our blog.

Or with some of the bottoms, like the Beyti Kebap ($12,500, in the photo), a mix of beef and lamb with roasted red paprika, parsley and garlic, accompanied by roasted tomato, grilled onion and Turkish bread.

Another reason to visit Meze? That opens from Monday to Sunday and in continuous hours.


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