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Real Madrid Juvenil Shows Its Superiority

Real Madrid Juvenil Shows Its Superiority

The Leonesa Juvenil Cultural y Deportiva had another appointment with history and wanted to enter it “slamming the door” as it did last season, defeating an entire Real Madrid Juvenil in the Puente Castro Sports Area.

But on this occasion, unfortunately for those from Cantabrana, the epic didn’t work, and the Cultural youth team could not defeat a Real Madrid team that was an actual steamroller for much of the match. A 1-2 made a Cultural dream of a comeback that finally did not happen despite the efforts of the youth boys. Check out more interested articles on our Blog.

Those of Álvaro Arbeloa, champion of the Champions League on several occasions and of the World in 2010, demonstrated their superiority against a Youth Culture that is not the one from last year but that wants to start being a “hard nut to crack” on all in the Puente Castro Sports Area. Hundreds of football fans gathered to watch this exciting match, where Real Madrid Juvenil led the charge for a relatively long stretch of the game.

An early goal by David Jiménez Corredor made the Cantabrana team “in tow” for the rest of the game. The boys from Cultural looked nervous; for many, this was the first time they had faced a team like Real Madrid Juvenil.

A nervousness was transferred to his game, losing the ball with fantastic ease and allowing Álvaro Arbeloa’s men to have more than three obvious scoring chances in the first 45 minutes. An excellent performance by Jacobo Ramón, one of the pearls of the Whites’ academy, led him to score 0-2 at half-time after an outstanding individual play.

Anibarro closed the gap on the scoreboard and made his team dream of a comeback.

Juan Anibarro Blanco made his team, and the crowd dreamed of a hypothetical comeback for a whole Real Madrid, but unfortunately, this was not the case. Those from Cantabrana improved their performance during the second half and managed to bottle up those from Arbeloa during the final stretch of the match, even reaching Real Madrid Juvenil “asking for the time.”

A match where the best and worst of this new Juvenil A of the Cultural were seen, but undoubtedly invites us to dream of going to war against the greats of the category, as it did last season.






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