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For pet owners, especially those who have dogs, one of the topics that comes up the most in their conversations is that concerning the feeding of their animals. It is not for less, on the feeding of any dog ​​depends its health, its aesthetics and its state of mind, in short, its entire being.

Due to the above, and noticing the beneficial results in a large number of animals, buying feed from Hills has become a habit for many concerned dog owners. This decision to cut food has allowed the dogs from which they acquire feed from this British company to greatly improve their quality of life.

However, all of the aforementioned responds to the quality in the preparation of feed by Hills. This company has applied the highest standards to its dog food production, based on multiple studies on canine nutrition, which is why they are so sought after. Learn more about Pomeranac.

What should a good dog food have?

The main thing that a feed for dogs should have, according to the comments of many specialists, is a balanced protein section. The right amount of meat, whether chicken or fish, allows the creation and regeneration of the body tissue of dogs, as well as the assimilation of necessary enzymes and the performance of other crucial processes in strengthening their immune system.

The other section that the feeding of our dogs must have is the right amount of carbohydrates, this provides the energy required for daily performance.

However, the complementation of these two mentioned aspects allow adequate nutrition and optimal performance of the animals.

However, with everything and the contributions that provide the correct amounts of carbohydrates and proteins, experts always suggest supplementing the diet with vitamins and minerals, elements that, due to the complexity and cost of incorporating them into feed, are usually left out. , usually in the recommended amounts.

Vitamin supplements, the note always necessary

Yes, the feed, even and becoming some very complex and complete, such as the one mentioned here, must be supplemented with vitamin supplements. The incorporation of these products contributes to the nutrition of the dogs the essential substances that will allow them to achieve the balanced diet with which every owner dreams.

Among the main vitamins, such as A, B and C, it is the complex belonging to the B that provides the most benefit and to which the most emphasis is given. The irony is that the series of vitamins belonging to the so-called “B complex” are not stored in the fat of the animal, but are hardly consumed, the body assimilates what it needs and discards the rest, so the exact amounts are required

Having read what we propose here, it is up to you to take the best and choose what is most perfectly suited to your dog’s nutrition.

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