HDPE Geomembrane Specifications, HDPE Pond Liner Sheet

The geomembrane uses a high plastic film as the anti-seepage substrate, geotextile materials composed of nonwoven fabrics, and the anti-seepage quality of the new material HDPE geomembrane mainly depends on the anti-seepage performance of the plastic coating.

Plastic film for anti-seepage usage at home and abroad, mainly polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE), EVA (ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer), and the use of ECB (ethylene vinyl acetate modified asphalt) in tunnel applications.

Mixed geomembrane HDPE manufacturers in UAE are a kind of polymer chemical flexible material with small specific gravity, strong elongation, high adaptability to deformation, corrosion resistance, low-temperature resistance, and good frost resistance.

The pond liner for sale in Dubai is a waterproof protection/barrier material based on high molecular weight polymer.

We were divided into low-density polyethylene (LDPE) geomembrane, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane, and EVA geomembrane. Check out more at our Blog.

HDPE Geomembrane Specifications:-

  • The width and thickness are complete.
  • It has excellent environmental stress cracking resistance and excellent chemical corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Has a wide operating temperature range and long service life.
  • They were used in landfills, tailings storage sites, channel seepage prevention, dam seepage prevention, metro engineering, etc.

The main mechanism is to block the water leakage of the earth dam due to the impermeability of the plastic film, to withstand the water pressure and adapt to the deformation of the dam with its high tensile strength and elongation; and the nonwoven fabric is also a short fiber polymeric chemistry.

The material has high tensile strength and elongation due to needle punching or hot tack. In combination with plastic film, it increases the tensile strength and puncture resistance of the plastic film and the rough surface of the nonwoven material.

Choose the best HDPE liner supply & installation company in Dubai. The coefficient of friction of the contact surface is increased, which is beneficial for the stability of the composite geomembrane and the protective layer. At the same time, they have good corrosion resistance to bacteria and chemicals and are not afraid of acid, alkali, and salt erosion. They have a long life in case of avoiding light.

It is mainly used for waterproofing and seepage prevention in landfills, sewage treatment plants, artificial lakes, reservoirs, reservoirs, embankments, canals, tunnels, and various underground projects.


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