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Get to know the categories of the Ecommerce Awards 2022

Get to know the categories of the Ecommerce Awards 2022

They say that the number 13 is bad luck, but many will be the ecommerce that will be lucky enough to be recognized as the best eCommerce of the year. The Ecommerce Awards Spain 2022 are already underway!

This year its thirteenth edition is celebrated, which will be next November 3 in Madrid, and will once again be organized by Marketing4eCommerce with the collaboration of Club Ecommerce . The eCommerce Awards gala , in addition to including several surprises, will debut two new categories that will be reviewed by a jury  made up of relevant personalities of electronic commerce in our country.

Look at everything we are preparing!

Get to know the categories of the Ecommerce Awards Spain 2022

In this edition, we will select the best in 11 categories:

  • Best marketing campaign for eCommerce: destined to reward the best campaigns developed between 09/01/2021 and 08/31/2022.
  • Best omnichannel integration:  in which we will reward the company that has best known how to combine its presence in different channels to maximize its business. Check out more interesting topic on our site.
  • Best internationalization strategy : eCommerce has no borders, and this award will reward those who have best adapted this philosophy: whether you are a foreign company that sells in Spain, or a Spanish company that has taken its sales beyond our borders with a own online store or through local marketplaces, this is your opportunity.
  • Best native brand marketplace: new category of this edition. First it was just brands, then digital native brands and now marketplace native brands, brands that are born under the protection of a marketplace. Is it the case for your business? Well this is your category!
  • Best marketplace: Marketplaces are in fashion and have become essential for the online business of many companies. Have you created your own marketplace within your ecommerce? We want to know about your project!
  • Best sustainable eCommerce: New category of this edition. We look for eCommerce whose day-to-day operation and philosophy takes into account that their activity contributes the least negative effect on the environment, both local and global, the community or the economy.
  • Best manager of the year:  a highly prestigious award for managers who have made their online stores successful.
  • Best eCommerce rookie, in which we will reward the best emerging online stores, those created in 2019 (or later!) and that have no complexes when it comes to competing with the most veterans of Spanish eCommerce.
  • Best small eCommerce : in this edition we also wanted to reward the small ones, which yes, they also exist and work hard like the big ones. So if you have an ecommerce that in 2021 had a turnover of less than a million euros, this is your category.
  • Best medium eCommerce : If your ecommerce exceeds the small ones, but does not reach the large ones, that is, it exceeds one million euros but does not reach 10 million, we have this category for you. It will be your moment to show off.
  • Best eCommerce 2022: the grand prize of the edition, designed to recognize the best of the best with a turnover of more than €10M last year.

Important dates of the Ecommerce Awards Spain 2022

Does all this that we are telling you fit you? Great! Because if you want to participate you will have to write down these dates in your agenda:

  • The process for  receiving applications will be open from June 1 to September 20.
  • The members of our jury will be in charge of deciding who wins the final prize in each of the ten available categories. The three finalists in each category will be published on our website and on our  social networks  from October 17 .
  • Finally, we will announce the winners in an event with many surprises on November 3, which you can follow in streaming.

But beware! You can book your application now and you can benefit from a  50% discount on the registration price .

Who helps us in Ecommerce Awards 2022

All this would not be possible without Club Ecommerce, which will be collaborating with us for another year.

For this new edition we have the essential support of our sponsors. Adyen, the payment gateway chosen by leading international eCommerces; Motive, the eCommerce search engine that respects the privacy of your customers; and Segura , the deferred payment method for eCommerce, are our Gold Sponsors. Thank you very much!

Thus, the  Aplazame payment tool ; eCommerce feed management tool  Channable; unified payment platform ; and the payment service provider Payment ,   will be our  Silver Sponsor . Thanks!

And finally, Doofinder, the smart search engine for ecommerce, will be our  Bronze Sponsor .

As you can see, the thirteenth edition of the Ecommerce Awards is already underway. If you think your company deserves to be among the best in the online sector in our country, do not hesitate:  we await your application!






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