5 Best Massage Guns In 2022

We all wanted a best massage guns at some point in our lives, whether at the end of a particularly intense training session or a stressful work day.  

You can’t always go to a spa or have someone available to give you a massage, but it’s no problem because you can do it yourself thanks to massage guns that eliminate neck and back pain, sore muscles, or contractures. These guns work deep into your muscles to relieve pain, speed recovery, improve muscle strength, flexibility, and coordination, and optimize performance. 

If you are considering buying one, stay until the end because next, we will tell you which are the best massage guns and everything you should think about when getting one.   

What is a massage gun? 

A massage or percussion gun is a fitness tool used by health professionals, such as physiotherapists, masseurs, and ordinary people or athletes, for muscle care. This device comprises two elements: the gun, which can offer different levels of intensity, and a set of heads that adapt to different needs and muscle groups.  

The key to these devices is in the movement they perform and from which they get their name: bursts of very fast, small blows that help reach the muscles’ deep tissue. Learning how to use a massage gun correctly is important because it may have some contraindications. 

This is how you should handle it: first, you must choose the head indicated for the objective and muscle you are going to massage, then select the intensity or pressure between the levels your massage gun has available, and finally, use it. It would help if you always did it perpendicular to the body, avoiding exerting too much pressure (so it doesn’t hurt) and, preferably, increasing the intensity little by little. You must treat the areas by moving the gun slowly from one point to another. The recommended time of use is between 2 and 3 minutes. 

Parts of a massage gun 

  • Grip area or handle: this is the area that the user of the massage gun grabs to hold the device and perform the treatment in question. 
  • Battery or power outlet: this is where the massage gun is powered. The most advanced devices usually have a swappable battery or even wireless charging, while the low-end ones are directly connected to the current. 
  • The percussion zone or percussive head is the part of the massage gun where the mobile head is located to perform the therapy. It is a head that rises up and down to make the blows and thus carries out the percussion treatment or therapy. The normal thing in these devices is that they have interchangeable heads depending on the area, tissue, or objective you want to massage. 

What is a massage gun for? 

A massage gun is used to relieve muscle pain, restore the function of the body when it has suffered an injury, and as a preventive method to avoid such injuries.  Know more about benefits of sauna room after workout.

The main functions and benefits of massage guns are: 

What should you take into account when buying a massage gun? 

Find out below the main aspects you should consider when choosing your massage gun. 

Type of treatment 

Massage guns work well for different types of massage, and you should keep this in mind if you need it for therapeutic purposes, to warm up before training, to help relax the muscles after a workout, or to relax tensions.  

Gun levels 

This is an important point because each massage gun has different levels. The higher the group, the greater the number of impacts per minute it can deliver, giving it greater versatility, especially for therapeutic purposes. 


This is important because the type of use you can give will depend on the speed. It is ideal that it has a wide range of rates and that they are adjustable simply and practically. 


Massage guns are designed to be used with one hand because they have a motor and are robust in build. They tend to be heavy. This makes it necessary for the design to be ergonomic enough to be comfortable to hold for a long time, and it must reach most of the body without having problems controlling it. 


For these guns to be truly versatile, they need accessories that adapt well to different muscle groups, have heads of different shapes, and be easily interchangeable. 

The best massage guns 

We got to the part you were waiting for. Next, we show you the best models of massage guns on the market. 

Dustgo 2021 massage gun 

This model of massage gun has 12 heads and a lot of power at an affordable price. It is ergonomic, and its vibrations are not transmitted to your arm but to the massage head. 

  • Battery life: 24 hours. 
  • Weight: 1 kilogram.  
  • The number of heads: 12. 
  • Maximum noise: <50 decibels. 
  • Screen: yes 
  • Speeds: 30. 
  • Maximum speed: 3200 RPM. 

Renpho massage gun 

This model has a 5-angle adjustable handle, turns off automatically if you don’t use it, and has an LED indicator for selected power and battery level. 

  • Frequency: up to 3200 RPM. 
  • Massage amplitude: 10 millimeters. 
  • Screen: no 
  • Number of heads: 6 
  • Speeds: 4. 
  • Battery life: 4 hours. 
  • Weight: 1 kilogram. 

Xbox massage gun 

This pistol stands out for its comfort, even for long periods. This model includes 10 accessories, has a very good battery and LCD screen, and is made of high-quality materials. 

  • Frequency: 1200-3300 RPM. 
  • Massage amplitude: 10 millimeters. 
  • Screen: yes 
  • Heads: 10. 
  • Speeds: 30. 
  • Battery life: 4-6 hours. 
  • Weight: 830 grams. 
  • Maximum noise: 35-45 decibels. 

Mebak 3 massage gun 

This high-quality, reliable, branded German massage gun is effective and versatile. It has a brushless motor, so noise is minimal, and can be used for many treatments. 

  • Frequency: 640-3200 RPM. 
  • Massage amplitude: 12 millimeters. 
  • Screen: yes 
  • Heads: 7. 
  • Speeds: 5. 
  • Battery life: 6 hours. 
  • Weight: 950 grams. 
  • Maximum noise: 35-50 decibels. 

Theragun Elite Massage Gun 

These massage guns are the undisputed queens for their superior effectiveness compared to other models on the market. It has an OLED screen, pressure sensors, and Bluetooth to control the settings and the pressure level applied. 

  • Frequency: 1750-2400 RPM. 
  • Massage amplitude: 16 millimeters. 
  • Screen: yes 
  • Heads: 5. 
  • Speeds: 5. 
  • Battery life: 2 hours. 
  • Weight: 1 kilogram. 
  • Maximum noise: 48-53 decibels. 

One of the alternatives you should consider when buying your massage gun is to make a sustainable purchase and acquire a second-hand device, to help the planet and, in the process, be friendly with your pocket. 


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