4 tips on how to improve the mobile payment experience

If anything has been observed in recent years, it is how the trend of change towards mobile devices has been growing. Currently, most of the time that users spend connected and browsing through the broad internet ecosystem, they do so through their mobiles. This situation has opened the door to using these tools as crucial means of boosting e-commerce conversion strategies . With this in mind, we wanted to collect some tips on how to boost your store’s conversions through these means .

4 Tips on How to Boost Your Store Conversions Through Mobile

1. Native applications, the key to boost sales through mobile devices

As we have commented, the strong relevance that mobile phones have taken makes them an indispensable tool for business growth. Now, to get the most out of this, it is necessary to go one step further, that users can simply access the store site from their mobiles. In this way, it is important that the website adapts to the navigation formats of these devices , although the last and most important step would be the integration of a native application.

2. Trust and security features

Mobile applications pose a more accessible, dynamic and flexible channel for users to access the store and make purchases; all from the comfort of their mobiles. But of course, it is not just about offering the application, it is necessary to provide a series of functions that allow the customer to maintain a sense of security and confidence while processing their purchase. In this way, users expect to be able to: track their orders, process purchases and payments smoothly; initiate and manage return, refund and cancellation processes , among others.

4. Integration of these applications

Another important aspect in the integration of these applications is their relationship with the store’s website. Secure WebViews are features that allow users to view website content from within applications. This can help create a more seamless and complete browsing and shopping experience. Since it keeps customers in the same context both in the application and on the website. Check out more interesting topic on our site.

4. Payment methods to boost the conversion of your store from mobile devices

Just as e-commerce and the use of mobile devices have evolved, so have payment solutions . In this way, there is now a wide variety of alternative payments that can help boost the sales of your business, some even being mobile applications.

That said, having a variety of payment methods and integrating them into both your mobile app and website can be the deciding factor in boosting your conversion rates . It is even possible, through these means of payment, to generate more fluid shopping experiences.

Let’s look at Amazon Pay as an example , this means of payment belonging to the international retail giant offers different benefits with its integration, such as the support and trust of one of the largest companies in the world. On the other hand, it also offers facilities in the process of purchasing and registering customers, since its system allows users to access with their Amazon credentials . This helps avoid friction situationsat the time of processing the purchase that could end up dissuading customers from their purchase. In this way, a set of good payment methods with a complete and efficient mobile application can help boost the conversions of your online store through mobile devices.


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